Escort Extended Inner choke tubes for 12 gauge are available Full (F), Improved Modified (IM), Modified (M), Improved Cylinder (IC) and Cylinder (CYL).

Escort Extended Inner Chokes

Escort Inner Choke Tubes for 12-gauge and 20-gauge are available in Full (F), Improved Modified (IM), Modified (M), Improved Cylinder (IC) and Cylinder (CYL).

Escort Inner Chokes

Increases the magazine capacity to 7+1 rounds from 4+1.

Magazine Extension Tube

Extended Extra Full Choke is available in 12 and 20 gauge.

Extra Full Choke

Decreases the magazine capacity to 2+1 rounds from 4+1.

Migratory Magazine Plug

Small, Medium and Large size recoil pads are available for synthetic stocks.

Escort Recoil Pads

TRIOPAD® Butt System

TRIOPAD® Butt System with TRIOPAD® Stock Spacers can be put on most Escort shotguns as an option. Recoil absorption is maximized with TRIOPAD® butt system which contributes to better shooting and faster swing on targets. With 3 TRIOPAD® Stock Spacers stock length of pull can be extended to different lengths.

Cantilever to mount scopes are available on slug barrels as an option.

Escort shotgun case is made of unbreakable synthetic material. It is designed to take two barrels in it. It allows you to carry every accessory that you need with your shotgun.

ESCORT Shotgun Case

Relief engraving on receiver available.

JUBILEE Engraving

Deep engraving on receiver available.

LEGACY Engraving

Stock length of pull spacers are available for wood stocks. The stock length of pull can be extended by increments of 5mm (1/5”) by simply inserting one or more of these spacers.

Stock Length of Pull Spacers

Increases the barrel length by 10cm.

Barrel Extension

3 stock cast shims and 1 stock drop shim are available. Any shooter can adjust the stock drop & stock cast perfectly fitting himself and his shooting style by simply inserting one or more of the four special shims between the receiver and stock.

Stock Drop & Cast Adjustment Shims

TRIVIZ front & rear sight

TRIVIZ front sight

Door Buster

Flash Suppressor

Escort Telescopic Stock

Escort Side Folding Stock

Escort MP Shell Holder Stock

Escort MPS Shell Holder Stock

Top Folding Stock

Escort MPA with Optima flashlight

Optima Tactical Flashlight with wired control is designed to use with Escort law enforcement shotguns.

• Tactical flashlight with push button or cord switch.

• Size: Diameter 25.4 mm;  Length 122 mm.

• Ultra light bulb 5V 0.85A.

• Aluminum Tube.

• Comes with 2pcs CR123 3v lithium batteries.

• Comes with the suitable mount.


Tactical Flashlight


Pistol Grip