Filling your Hatsan PCP Airgun – Hatsan Handpump


PCP airguns do not need to be a mystery. In fact, they are very easy to shoot and fill, so long you understand the basics. They provide airgunners the most powerful, most accurate, are the easiest to shoot, especially for firearms folks looking to add airguns to their shooting regimen. In this video we discuss the most direct fill method, i.e. using a simple hand pump. The new Hatsan hand pump takes fewer strokes and not includes particle and moisture traps in the handles. If you’ve ever wanted to know how easy it was to fill up a PCP video, here’s your chance.

Filling your Hatsan PCP Airgun – Hatsan SCUBA Fill Kit


While using a Hatsan Hand pump may be the simplest method to fill your Hatsan PCP airgun, it can take a lot of work, especially if you are a volume shooter. There are other ways to more quickly charge your Hatsan Air Cylinder and one of the easiest is by using a SCUBA tank and the Hatsan Fill Kit. But, knowing what you need to make sure it works correctly can be a challenge. In this video we discuss different types of tank valves and how to make them work with the Hatsan SCUBA Fill Kit. Once you have the basics down, it is smooth sailing from there.

Shooting a Magnum Hatsan Airgun – The Atillery Hold


Shooting a powerful spring or gas ram powered airgun requires a special technique called the Artillery Hold.  In this video we explain why it’s so important and talk about the basics of the technique.

How to adjust the Quattro Trigger on your Hatsan Airgun


Making trigger adjustments can be challenging if you’ve never done it before. The key is to take your time and only make very small adjustments, testing each change as you go. In this video I’ll walk you through the basics of adjusting the Quattro Trigger on Hatsan Spring and Vortex powered airguns as well as Hatsan PCP airguns.

Setting up your new AT44 Quiet Energy PCP


PCP Airguns represent the top of the airgun food chain.  They are very powerful, accurate, and very easy to shoot.  In this video we will look at what steps are required to get your new AT44 Quiet Energy airgun all setup to take your first shots, and what you need to know to help ensure trouble free operation.  Before you watch this video however, be sure to review the videos on how to fill your PCP Airgun.  If you have any questions on operation and maintenance that are not covered in this video, please contact our customer service department via our Customer Service Form. We are here to help!